For every Furry Legs pet fitness tracker purchased we donate a bright and funky pet collar.

We are pet owners just like you. We love our pets just like you. Sometimes more than our partners and family, just like you.

But did you know some people aren’t like us and over 100 000 animals are taken in and rescued by animal shelters every year? Over 100 000 a year!

Here at Furry Legs we aren’t going to change to the world but we do want to help.

This small charity removes one more cost for these animal shelters and ensures rehomed pets arrive at their new home looking sharp and dapper. We know animal shelters don’t receive enough funding and support from the Government and rely on people like us to help them so we are doing our part.

If you know of any animal shelters that need a helping hand please let us know how you think we can help.


We are always looking for new ways, more innovative ideas and smarter things we can be doing to help animal shelters and their staff who are just like you.

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