Keep on top of your pet's health with the Furry Legs Pet Fitness Tracker. The world's first digital collar mounted pet tracker for dogs and cats. Easily track just how much exercise your pet is getting each day, help overweight pets reduce their waistlines, and never miss a warning sign that they maybe sick or unwell.


✓ Count steps

✓ Track distance
✓ Measure highly active time 

✓ Sleek and light weight, only 9 grams in weight!

✓ Waterproof

✓ One-size adjustable to fit all cat and dog collars

✓ Easily read your pet's stats straight from the tracker's LED screen
✓ Sync to the free Furry Legs iOS and Android app where you can set goals, view daily stats and compare your pet's historical data over time so you never miss a thing

✓ 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

✓ 12-Month Warranty


Each Furry Legs Pet Fitness Tracker purchase includes:

  • 1 Furry Legs Pet Fitness Tracker
  • 1 USB Charger
  • 6 Collar Attachment Loops
  • User Manual
  • Free access to the Furry Legs App



"Simple set up and the LED touch screen provides easy access to data (steps/distance/time)."

- Agnes Beugnon

"I have been using my pet fitness tracker for my dog Jessie for about 6 months now. I look forward to seeing how many steps she has done each day as I get home from work in the late afternoon. It is always a great piece of mind knowing that while I'm away from her, she is still being active. I highly recommend this pet fitness tracker! 😊🐶👍🏼"

- Rachel Johnson

"It's such an easy way to monitor how much exercise 'Max' is getting on a day by day basis. Also I love the fact it only requires charging once every couple of weeks."

- Kev McGlynn

"Scout is loving it. although she is highly active I like to be able to see if she has been moving around while I'm at work (she must sleep all day 🤣) it's great for our runs as well. Would be very handy if you use dog walkers or have a dog that has been told by the vet to get more exercise as it keeps the data from the previous day's. Unlike many other devices like this, it does not need a sim card so other then what you pay that's it. Great product and amazing customer service."


- Stephanie McGregor

"We've been super happy with our pet fitness tracker. It's a great way to keep track of our puppy Max’s activity (especially on days we're both at work) and make sure he's getting enough exercise each day. The tracker is waterproof and lasts for ages too- we only have to recharge it every few weeks and it's super quick. Fun device, good value for money, and highly recommend!"



- Jessica Botfield

"I really like the small lightweight design. Fits on my dog with no problems. Simple app but I love it. I don't like too complicated things. Cool little bit of technology. Best thing about it is the screen that displays his steps and distance. If I go for a walk and don't take my phone I can still check the tracker. Overall great product. Fair price. Would definitely recommend. Thanks Furry Legs"



- Fi_Fi_88



Improve your pet’s health and wellbeing today with the Furry Legs Pet Fitness Tracker


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